Ordering code: SLM125

The modulator unit LUMiBOX SLM-125 (Smart Light Modulator) forwards control commands received from a control unit via RS485 through powerlines to luminaires with installed LUMiNODE modules. In case of luminaires equipped with certified DALI drivers and LUMiNODE SDM-DIG or LUMiNODE/NEMA7 the unit is able to receive status reports from those drivers and will send them to the control unit.

  • Two-way powerline communication QM-50-SSI3
  • Designed for street lighting with low data transfer
  • Thermal protection
  • Communication with the controller via RS485 bus (MODBUS protocol)
Parameter Value Parameter Value
Input voltage AC 220 V ~ 240 V; 50 Hz Operating ambient temperature -25 °C to +75 °C
Max. operating current 25 A IP rating IP20
Idle consumption

1,7 W

Weight 460 g
Interface RS485 Dimensions (LxWxH) 157x86x58 mm