Revolutionary lighting control solution

SEAK Energetics is a provider of unique technology to control street lighting as well as lighting in commercial and industrial buildings.

More than 5km

Stability on greater distance.


Seamless integration with dimming module.


High precision energy measurements and failure detection.

Revolutionary lighting control solution

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  • We approached the Seak company in 2009 to propose an energy saving system for our stores. In their case, the presented solution and ROIs matched our vision of effective energy savings for Tesco indoor and outdoor lighting.

    Vítězslav Mizera, MBA

    Energy Conservation Manager for Tesco Stores CZ and SK

  • One of our goals is to reduce energy consumption. The SEAK company has shown us potential by increasing efficiency with the help of public lighting management in a wide range of options as well as individual settings for standalone lighting circuits with regard to our needs. Using this system, its variability at a minimum cost of maintenance has proved to be the right decision

    Štefan Hanečák Dipl. Ing.

    Gebäudemanagement / Fabrikplanung

  • Effective management of public lighting from SEAK company has been used in Ptruksa since 2015. The main motivation was to make savings at several levels: reduction of electricity consumption, reduction of the burden on the environment as well as the reduction of the operating costs on street lighting. We have used the saved money for the reconstruction of sidewalks and roads in our village. The big advantage was that during the installation of control system no excavation work was needed. The existing power lines were used.

    Alexander Takács

    Mayor of Ptruksa

  • TÜV SÜD Slovakia s.r.o. certifies that SEAK s.r.o. has established and applies an Quality and Enviromental Management for the following scope of application: Development and manufacture of electronic lighting control systems for indoor and outdoor lighting. Proof has been furnished that the requirements according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 14001:2004 are fulfilled.

    TÜV SÜD Slovakia s.r.o.

    ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2004

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  • Adaptibility

    Turns the existing luminaires into smart lighting grid (each lamp addressed individually).

  • Flexibility

    Define logical groups of luminaires, reconfigure anytime, remotely.

  • Dimming schedule

    Define pre-set dimming schedules, automatically adjusted based on astronomical sunset/sunrise.

  • Sensors

    Combine the schedules with optional luminosity and motion sensors.

  • Remote control

    Use easy tool to remotely control your lighting.

  • Energy measurements

    Know exactly how much you spend on your lighting.

  • Return on investment

    Saves enough energy to pay for the system (typically within 3 y., well within guarantee (5 y.) and expected system lifetime (15 y.)

  • Lifespan

    Regulation also prolongs the lifespan of your LED lamps.

  • Two way communication

    Get real-time statuses from luminaires