About us

June 1988

The company Seak Energetics was established by Ing. Jozef Sedlak

October 2005

Connection technique of wireless public address via public lighting instalation

January 2006

Connection technique of wireless public address distribution for distant settlements

February 2009

We started cooperating with Tesco Stores. The 1st kick-starter project was DC Beckov Case study  

June 2010

We created the means and method to modulate the mains line with amplitude

April 2012

We created an electronic ballast, programmable trough power lines for light sources

April 2014

We patented our dimming module DIM BAR

January 2015

We created a dimming solution for Tesco sales area via DALI

February 2015

We created a means to realize communication via power line by modulation and demodulation of mean value of half cycle of supply voltage

January 2016

We introduced the LUMi familly, a new generation of products for street lighting

January 2018

We introduced the EV charger  LUMiCHARGER, which communicate with SEAK SMART CITY lighting control system to negotiate the power available for EV charging.