Smart electric vehicle charger, different formats

Sharing electricity for lighting and charging

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The main obstacle in building EV charging network in the cities is availability of suitable power cabling. Cables can be added (if local transformer capacity allows), at the cost of digging through the streets. Seak can use existing public lighting power grid and integrate charging stations into streetlamps. This is the most effective way of building large EV charging infrastructure for citizens who park their cars on the street.

Chargers integrated with lighting poles

Installation without the need of digging through parking place or street with using same existing power cables.

AC charger with 22 kW and Mennekes (Type 2) connector

With customized design for your needs - Wallbox for existing poles or EV charger socket integrated to the lamp for new installations

Provide charging to the public and get paid using portal allows you to manage individual users, their charger access / charging speeds, and provides reports of consumed energy and/or allows credit card payments

Dynamic load management

With smart balancing function the building has priority, the rest of the capacity is automatically evenly distributed among charging cars according to their charging abilities and the consumption limit is not exceeded.

ECO or free charging

You can dynamically control charging based on photovoltaic output = zero charging costs or you set up simple rule-based configuration (free during opening hours or maximum 10 kWh)

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